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Neato! Always considered doing this in Twine 2 before, and as you show here it definitely works..! My only suggestion is to add some basic stats to track e.g. how many spills the player cleaned, what children they've found/helped, how much Energy they used (and how much they have left at the end), and maybe a few achievements for e.g. when Kenneth and Orville are reunited. Just so that each run can easily be shared with others.

Thanks for the feedback! I think you may be right: finding the balance between showing and hiding what's present in the game is something I've never figured out. You should try it in Twine, it's a fun experiment.

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This is really cool, however I haven't been able to finish a round in three tries. There always comes some point where for reasons I can't discover, the game suddenly completely freezes.

That aside, quite neat!


Thanks! I've seen that bug and have been unable to trace its source so far (it seems like an endless loop of some kind). I'll take another look!